The Red Phone Booth: a Suave, Smart Speakeasy

The Red Phone Booth: a Suave, Smart Speakeasy

The Red Phone Booth creates a swank ambiance where comfort comes naturally. The Atlanta location and their home in Nashville foster an easy space to occupy. Mixologists at the top of their game, gourmet food, a scene that comes with a dress coat. Never stuffy. Always where you want to be.

Not a whiff of elitism or bougie sour notes. The Red Phone Booth stands with an impressive humidor, spacious seating, and adheres to all Covid regulations. Their air filtration system makes their interior as safe as possible. That bit is outlined in the spring 2020 issue of the Blue Mountain Review.

The music: The folly of many is to skimp on night’s soundtrack. During the hum of conversation and laughter you’ll catch traces of songs you forgot were favorites. The Red Phone Booth is aware of balance, class, tact, and dance. Feet tap, fingers play at invisible notes, and all the while the magic of a speakeasy gets under your skin.

In Atlanta you step into a phone booth, dial a number you must get in advance, and enter through a secret doorway. It feels like you’re getting away with something just bad enough to hide, but you don’t. The fun is guilt free. There are no hooks or hidden fees.

Nashville, Tennessee owns country music. Now it has a Red Phone Booth to add to their upscale flair. It’s perfectly in place with that town’s vibe. The transition from downtown to the overstuffed leather chairs of the Red Phone Booth is seamless. You can begin or end the night right here and never miss a beat.

Food is ridiculous, but the price is not. Seating arranged for big and tall, small or petite you enjoy breathing room while safely ensconced with friends. Eat and savor each bite. This isn’t bar food – never boring – between glasses of wine or flawlessly blended drinks it quickly smacks of those Roaring ’20s soirees,

I laughed at the term “mixologist” until I spent time watching bartenders focus absolutely on their craft. Ice cubes hand-chipped into squares. The preparation is somewhere between a chemistry experiment and magic trick. These professionals dress the part, quick to tell a joke, while saving the best drink for you.

Cigars, but not a cigar bar. That filtration system keeping Covid at bay also removes heavy smoke. It’s barely noticeable anyone smokes at all. Whether you are an expert or novice looking for an education in cigars – the Red Phone Booth’s got your fix.

The Red Phone Booth is an oasis. It’s a safe place where life feels a little more normal while exotic around the edges. There’s a form, function, and meticulous design. I walk out feeling lighter than when I arrived….and it’s nothing to do with the libations. The Red Phone Booth is a place for good folks, from all over, content with good company.

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