The New Education: Learning in the Time of COVID

The New Education: Learning in the Time of COVID

If you want to change the world, educate it. If you want to get through education in the time of COVID, focus on the “power team”. Life is different. To stay ahead of the curve with your kid’s education – bring in a tutor.  They are a strong linebacker.

Zoom and Skype allow scheduled meetings that are 100% safe. Think of a quality tutor as someone to fill in the blanks left between teacher and student. It is not for lack of trying. I believe that there are as many ways to learn as there are those who do it. Tutors may be able to decipher something in a new way or flesh out an idea.

It is a specialized niche not heard about outside of school libraries. “Tutors” is a word, that because of its uncommon use, considered a less than precious commodity. Check their credentials. Understand they are not miracle workers. There are folks you can contact to point you in the right direction.

It helps if you like your tutor; that your kids work with them. Tutors are objective, positive influences in this shelter-in-place-lifestyle. It is not about sacrificing things. This time is to forge a new path. We’ll get back to live music (please God) and open parks sooner than we think. It feels like more people are doing the right thing.

As a tutor, it’s not my job to have an opinion. No kid of yours will have to answer the question, “What does Cliff Brooks think about..,anything?” A quality tutor leaves pulpit and soapbox at home. What is important is that you hire someone who makes time to touch base with teachers to make sure they follow the right path.

The “power team” is you, your spouse, teachers, and a tutor. It closes the wagon train around a solid foundation in good learning skills. As one on the spectrum, I understand those high functioning. If something is over my head, I’ll be honest. Hammer on honesty.

If you’re grown and think about getting back into your creative life, a tutor never hurts there, either. We have more time to think. There’s more to read. Do you want to put something on paper to work through COVID, leave a mark, show you were here? You can do it all on your own, but the helpful advice from a professional gets around hard pitfalls they stumbled into.

Writing poetry is important. I think that short stories are a higher form of art than novels. A tutor brings expertise. “Those who can’t do teach.” That’s terrible. Where did that start? Why would you want to learn anything from anyone who can’t do – that thing? A sense of humor is important now but I’m not trying to be funny.

Learning keeps the mind busy. The productive mind is less likely to abide negativity. An education allows you to hold an idea without accepting it. Creative writing takes you out of your head, away from the bubble. Yet, you focus on you. How do you feel? How did you stay sane? How did you heal?

Your story is important. Call a tutor, or email, what suits you. Your comfort the point and your schedule met. Ask for a resume in any case. Like I said, this can be considered a broad field. Be safe. Be smart.

 A tutor is there to make your child’s life easier. If the first one, legitimately, doesn’t gel, you may need to try another. Quality tutors will provide referrals. Learning is important, not egos. There are options. COVID brought back an old trade in a time full of new things. Think of tutors as something familiar in an often uncomfortable climate. Take the fear out of education and hire a tutor.

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