Meadowbrook Inn, a Quiet in Paradise

Meadowbrook Inn, a Quiet in Paradise

The drive to Blowing Rock, North Carolina is a roll through true beauty no matter the direction you choose. Meadowbrook Inn waits in that quaint resort destination that puts you first. Not just “first” as in: the customer is always right or “your basic needs met”. No, the “New Normal” with Meadowbrook Inn is your complete comfort. You immediately sense the staff’s genuine care for your peace of mind. You come first.

The stay there was a warm lull in time. As a writer I pray for rooms like these where the experience feels personally suited to me. Meadowbrook Inn makes it happen in Blowing Rock. The minute I checked in my stress checked out. COVID-compliant and aware their clientele like their elbow room, the staff kept me respectfully at ease. That’s a skill born from dedication and inherent kindness. As one on the autism spectrum this space, the grace to be an introvert, provided me an ideal studio to record December 2021’s NPR show, Dante’s Old South. Far from home I didn’t feel homesick.

I wanted for nothing. In early December 2021 the cold moved in, but the fire pit out back knocked off chills. Two evenings I sat there in quiet watching the sun set. The pond, seasonal landscaping, gentle colors made the natural areas pop. I felt safe on the premises and tucked in at night. The staff were vigilant to ensure that cool vibe endured.

I ate at the Speckled Trout – religiously. The manager of Meadowbrook Inn suggested it and I found it an easy walk. I gravitate toward resorts built into the community with enough distance to foster quiet. That’s here in spades. I ate well. I walked the city. I spoke with locals and the whole time I was excited to return to the room. A youthful spark crept back into my heart with worry lifted off me for a few days. My writing grew clearer. Right now I still enjoy the clarity a stay here ignited.

If you’re in the mood for romance there are rooms with that in mind. Not only is there an indoor pool for all to use. In the VIP rooms there are private pools for guests in need of full-tilt swank. The indoor fireplaces add an ambiance authors beg from the cosmos. Meadowbrook provided it all. The do not miss. Whether you’re flying solo, as a duo, or family – all fit here.

Breakfast served with everyone’s safety in mind provided a refreshing scene missed during quarantine. Nodding to other guests while masked added personality and a humanity I sorely missed. Yes, distance is good for my unique mind, but human contact can’t be understated. Even though I knew no one there I didn’t feel like a stranger.

If you need time away, check out Meadowbrook Inn. Blowing Rock, North Carolina is gorgeous country with every outdoor activity and Appalachian State around the corner. Nothing is crowded or overrun. The whole of the town feels gently European with a Southern swagger. It’s the place to be. It’s the place you should be. Grab on!

For those in or headed to Richmond, Virginia, these same fine folks own and operate Linden Row Inn. Identical attention to detail and compassion for every guest is here too. To learn more about their staff and history, check out his previous issue of the Blue Mountain Review.

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