Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Hope is cool stuff. Hope saves lives. We hope this virus gets rubbed out sooner than later. We hope our loved ones stay safe and healthy. We hope we never run out of toilet paper. We hope the urge to murder passes after a week inside with family.

Rational people understand that social distancing is a smart move. For once our country is getting ahead of an emergency. Put politics aside and agree that sticking to the rules of quarantine is a great idea for all parties. Study up on government, politics, bird-watching, canoe-making, watercolors, or any instrument of your choice. Do something productive with this time.

Surviving quarantine goes by a bit easier with a few things:

  1. Get a hobby: Pick one or more and learn to entertain yourself. Seriously. No one wants to hear how bored you are, Eeyore.
  2. Create a schedule: Stick with it and the malaise of “too much free time” won’t be a burden. As much a free spirit I am it costs me lost time if I don’t use it. I adopted a Stoic philosophy of time management.
  3. Exercise at least three times a week: Gyms are closed. Pools are closed. Parks are closed. Your yard isn’t. The sidewalk isn’t. Trails you reach by foot are wide open. Sanity comes from sweat. Pick the time that’s best for you and get outside.
  4. Challenge yourself: Take this time to learn a new language. Read a book. Do some research into what, why, and how you believe. Unplug from what social media wants you to believe and discover the truth for yourself.
  5. Be inquisitive: Socrates said, “Know thyself.” That’s important. Look outward as well. Talk to your spouse, child, parent, friend about what they’re feeling. Listen to their answers. Ask them in-person or from afar what they value, what keeps them optimistic, what gives them hope.

Hope is groovy stuff in a time that isn’t. Please stay six feet from everyone else in public. Stay out of public as much as possible. Quarantine life doesn’t have to take on the vibe of The Shining. Take a breath, take a walk, or take up a new hobby instead of mullygrubbing. You can’t waste time if you appreciate its passing.

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